Arts Day- Invite your students to the library or take the stories to the classroom for a look at the ancient art of storytelling. 30-45min. Grades k5-6

Artist in Residence- Tailored to your classroom, choose from one- to four-day residencies based on state SS and ELA standards.

Assemblies - for those large-group gatherings of students

Sample School Programs

The Story S.A.C.

Reinforce the basic tenants of story writing with this simple introduction to storytelling.

Length: 30-45min. Grades: k5-6th

Around the World

Stories from countries around the world can be tailored to fit a variety of ELA and social studies curriculum.

       - Heritage Studies, Migration, World Studies

       - Sequencing, Creative Writing  

Length: 25-45 min. Grades: k5-6th

Story Camp!

Students will engage in language arts and social studies through the S.A.C. story method paralleled in aspects of camping. This program can be adjusted for large or small groups.

Length: 1-2hr. Grades: 4th-6th